Sarah Willard Couture

Creating your dress

What Happens Next?

The next appointment step is a block pattern fitting. This is when we pattern draft a pattern from your own measurements translated into a bodice and skirt and is an important first step in the Couture dress-making process. 

Toile Fittings

The toile fitting makes sure that we are on the correct wavelength and that the pattern is correct. Alterations will be done whilst you are wearing the toile; they will be discussed with you and if you have any questions about the design or alterations we will explain them to you. If the design is complicated there may another toile fitting to refine any alterations we have made to the design. You will begin to see the design on a sheet of paper come to life. 

The choice of undergarments will be discussed with you at the design consultation and you will need to bring them with you for you toile fittings. We will also need to know what height shoes you will be wearing before we order the fabric to make sure we have enough length for the hem.

Silk Fittings

At the first fitting you will begin to see how your dress will look, how the fabrics feels and falls. The dress will not be finished at this stage, but we can begin to make alterations to ensure a perfect fit. Details will be added and refined. This process may be spread over 2 to 4 fittings, depending on the complexity of the design. 

Hem Fitting

This is the final fitting. You will need to bring your shoes with you and many brides like to bring all their accessories to wear with their dress. We check that everything is perfect and decide on the correct length for the hem.

Dress Collection

Once all the work on your dress is complete you will be able to collect your finished dress. Not only will you be thrilled with the result, you will also never want to buy another dress off the peg again! Your dress will be pressed an placed in a garment bag ready for you to take it away. Full payment of the balance due is required before you collect your dress. 

This is a general overview of how we work. As each dress is made individually the procedure may vary. We offer a beautiful selection of shoes and veils that can be chosen to complement your dress. These items are ordered in time for your final fitting. We can also create handmade accessories to complement your dress.

How much will it cost?