Sarah Willard Couture

Behind The Scenes

Sarah ShorttComment

The "Couture Girl" on work experience...

She has grown up with the world of Couture, and for as long as she can remember fabric and thread have been part of her everyday life. She is one of the original "Couture Girls"! Even if she sometimes has to alter her own clothes!

Now Miss Willard is a keen dressage rider who would rather spend all her waking hours with her beloved horse, and left to her own devices she would sleep in the stables too. It is where she is the happiest!

She is also turning into a keen photographer,  and so this is what happens when my daughter spends some of her work experience week at the studio . Apparently it's better than being at school ;-) Well only just! And the result is some great photographs and a short film too...

And a film too ... 

So please excuse me if I'm just a teeny weeny bit proud of her!